Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mid Atlantic Hurricane Irene Damage

a downed tree from Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene struck the Mid Atlantic on August 27, 2011, packing high winds, heavy rain, storm surges, unusually high tides and flash floods.

Throughout the region, power outages were reported throughout the first afternoon, Saturday night and into Sunday.

On Sunday, August 28, 2011, residents in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware were discovering a variety of damage as Hurricane Irene decreased to tropical storm status.

By late morning, the skies cleared, winds subsided and many businesses opened in southern areas. Meanwhile, the storm continued battering New Jersey, New York and much of New England.

Major media outlets reported at least 15 storm-related deaths throughout the Atlantic states. Throughout the region, residents experienced evacuations, power outages and storm damage.

In Virginia and North Carolina, beaches were battered and fishing piers were demolished.

Much of the worst damage from Hurricane Irene occurred in New Jersey, where flooding caused extensive property damage.

As expected, flash floods occurred throughout much of the Mid Atlantic region, resulting in loss of life in some cases.

By Monday, August 29, remnants of the storm were affecting eastern Canada. Flooding in parts of the Mid Atlantic and New England.

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