Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cape Fear River Basin Action Plan for Migratory Fish

The Cape Fear River Partnership recently announced a request for public comment on its “Cape Fear River Basin Action Plan for Migratory Fish.”

The plan identifies threats to migratory fish populations, outlines actions to improve water quality, habitat conditions and fish passage, and will determine the community and economic benefits of improved migratory fish populations.

The Cape Fear River basin stretches from North Carolina’s Triad area near Greensboro to the mouth of the Cape Fear River near Wilmington. At more than 9,000 square miles, the river basin is North Carolina's largest watershed.

Poor habitat quality in the watershed's rivers and streams threaten American shad, striped bass, river herring, American eel, endangered Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon, and other fish species. Dams and other structures limit the passage of migratory fish.

The Cape Fear River Partnership is a coalition of state and federal natural resources agencies, academic entities and private and non-governmental organizations, will accept public comments through Dec. 19.

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source: Cape Fear River Partnership

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