Friday, August 14, 2015

Best Areas for Catching Croaker and Spot

The Mid Atlantic region is known for its outstanding fishing for two similar species; croaker and spot.

One of the reasons that croaker and spot fishing is popular is that these species can be caught from the shore.

Croaker and spot can be caught using basic tackle and inexpensive baits, such as squid, bloodworms, clams, and crabs. Croaker tend to prefer medium-sized baits, while spot often go for tiny morsels of bloodworms or other baits.

Both croaker and spot make good table fare, especially fresh. In addition to croakers and spot, anglers may encounter kingfish, pigfish, perch, blue crabs, or other tasty seafood.

The following list includes popular fishing piers and other areas where anglers can target croaker and spot in the Mid Atlantic:

Fishing piers near Baltimore MD

Choptank River - Bill Burton Fishing Pier

Crisfield MD fishing pier

OC Fishing Pier (Ocean City MD)

Hampton Roads VA Fishing Piers

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