Thursday, August 6, 2015

Popular Car and Truck Stickers - Mid Atlantic Region

In recent years, the popularity of vehicle stickers has skyrocketed throughout the USA. A closer look at this trend reveals some interesting clues as to the renewed popularity of vinyl auto stickers.

No doubt, vinyl auto stickers have been popular for decades. Some of the earlier bumper stickers featured a plain white background and simple text art. In many cases, these stickers were sold as souvenirs at local resorts.

This old school bumper sticker features a classic style of text.

In the Mid Atlantic region, Euro style oval vehicle stickers have become common. These designs are smaller, which allow vehicle owners to display them on windows, bumpers, or other parts of vehicles.

The popularity of Euro style oval stickers in the Mid Atlantic region began with stickers that displayed the acronym "OBX" to designate North Carolina's Outer Banks. As more and more travelers began adding OBX stickers to their autos, the trend spread along the Atlantic Coast.
OBX - Outer Banks NC Euro Style Oval Logo Oval Sticker
OBX - Outer Banks NC Euro Style Oval Logo Oval Sticker

As the popularity of Euro style stickers increased, so did the variety of choices. Another popular three-letter oval sticker is "OKI", which designates Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.

Two letter versions are also popular, such as this "HI" Hatteras Island sticker.

Eventually, the popularity of Euro style oval stickers spread throughout the Mid Atlantic. This "CM" acronym logo is available for fans of Cape May New Jersey.

Some auto owners find the Euro style two, three, and four letter acronym stickers to be too cryptic. An alternative to the oval sticker is the rectangular vinyl sticker, which is well suited for SUVs, crossovers, and other small vehicles.

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